Yes World token records a historic debut! New cryptocurrency jumps 4900 percent on the first day

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Yes Work jumped 4900 percent in the first 24 hours of initial trading to become the biggest gainer among all cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange.

New Delhi: Yes Work, a newly launched token, jumped 4,900 percent in the first 24 hours of initial trading to become the biggest winner among all cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange, the project’s developers say. The impressive entry of the new token offers a rebuff to crypto-investors who have faced the wrath of higher inflation and adverse policy changes. The coin was introduced on Estonia-based crypto exchange Coinsbit.

The price of the YES WORLD token with the USDT pair opened at $0.0005. The exchange experienced decent activity right away as a result of its vibrant community and marketing efforts around the introduction of the YES token.

As soon as the cryptocurrency exchange announced that the YES WORLD token was available for trading with its global community through various social media identifiers, volume began to increase rapidly.

Yes World’s market capitalization touched the $250 million mark on the trading day Tuesday (July 21), with volumes topping $11.7 million. The Yes World token is an asset-based utility token that runs on the BEP20 blockchain technology.

The BEP20 blockchain technology is basically an extension of ERC-20, which is one of the most popular Ethereum token standards.

According to the official website, the most important mission YesWorld is on is to save the environment, as the cryptocurrency, it claims, is mainly focused on green technology. “Yesworld’s mission on zero pollution by 2040,” reads the website.

The first week of August 2022 will see the YES WORLD Token listing on Coinmarketcap and Coinsgekco, according to the information posted on the cryptocurrency’s Twitter account.


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