Rituraj Singh Passes Away: The beloved actor known from ‘Anupama’ has succumbed to a cardiac arrest at 59.

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The untimely death of TV actor Rituraj Singh at 59 from a sudden cardiac arrest, amidst treatment for a pancreatic condition, has shone a light on the possible heart risks posed by pancreatic diseases. Medical studies suggest correlations, yet causality remains unproven.

Dr. Sanjeev Gera, Cardiology HOD at Fortis Hospital, delineates that pancreatic illnesses don’t directly instigate cardiac arrests unless compounded by undiagnosed heart issues or risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, or unhealthy lifestyles which can exacerbate heart complications.

Increased inflammatory responses, common during acute pancreatitis, can lead to blood vessel damage and clot formations, precipitating heart attacks and potential cardiac arrests — a silent danger for those with underlying heart conditions.

Patients with pancreatic afflictions, often associated with detrimental habits like excessive alcohol intake and smoking, are advised to undergo heart monitoring, even in the absence of symptoms, to preemptively address any cardiac anomalies.

Rituraj Singh Passes Away


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