Mahdi Pourzaferani has been providing network security to n-number of organisations for over a decade

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Mahdi Pourzaferani has been providing network security to n number of organizations for over a decade
Network security protects your network and data from breaches, intrusions, and other threats.

What is network security? Network security protects your network and data from breaches, intrusions, and other threats. Network security involves access control, antivirus and virus software, application security, network scanning, network-related security types (endpoint, web, wireless), firewalls, VPN encryption, etc.

Basically, network security is important to everyone. We can’t risk losing our data over time when people keep their crucial information on computers. This is where Mahdi Pourzaferani and others like him come into the picture and save us all. Mahdi is a UK-based entrepreneur, professional blockchain developer, and programmer. He founded the computer security company FiveM. He wants to inspire the generation through his journey to be a self-made programmer.

Mahdi’s skill in network programming has fueled the improvement of some of the world’s best-known games. He has now turned his focus to a much more effective test: creating and delivering new ways to address network security. He was in charge of the security and performance of two esports luminaries

at OpTic Gaming and network programmer at EA Sports. This responsibility gave his career the direction he needed. Mahdi was clear that he could not make the mistake of downplaying safety and trust in such a work environment. His implementation as an esports programmer led him to think about providing much-needed security-related opportunities to organizations of all kinds.

He had the opportunity to develop new methods of network security at OpTic Gaming and EA Sports. Mahdi got the call from him and is working on it to date.

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Mahdi shared how important it is to prevent their networks from any kind of security threats like data loss, sabotage, and theft. “Ten years ago, we didn’t have the tools to equip networks with their own effective defense systems. Now, we’re in a position to develop them. I’m excited about the prospects of the work I’ve done so far in this field, and I can’t wait.” to share the results with the world,” says Mahdi Pourzaferani.


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