Why is an internship important to your career?

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Think about starting a new job without prior knowledge of where to begin. Now imagine a position where you are well versed in that specific field and have gained first-hand knowledge. Then, an internship plays a vital role in one’s career. Experts believe that an internship offers invaluable experience for determined students looking to establish a thriving career.

However, the predecessor of today’s internship came to life in the 11th century. Earlier interns were apprentices seeking hands-on experience to renew their skill sets in many domains. Today, students pursue internships during their college years to gain exposure outside the four walls of their classroom before entering the industry. Similarly, seeking an internship means you can find professional experience in the field.

Here are a few points about how an internship is critical in a career:

Real-life experience.

An internship means some real-life experience in your desired field. Getting this experience allows you to build your skillset, gain knowledge and involve the theoretical knowledge you have been studying. There is a big difference between education and knowledge. For example, you get an education so you can go out into the working world, but once you’re out there, you build up your knowledge.

An internship is considered a professional environment. It allows you to work in a company to understand if the desired field is a good fit for you. But if you feel that the internship is no longer aligned with your skills, there is nothing to lose because you have gained beneficial experience. The internship is experiential learning for students to realize their potential and make good career decisions for themselves.

The added benefit is that you are exposed to a new environment. Changing to a new community means unfamiliar faces and environments. Plus, it gives you a taste of the professional world without the same stress and pressure associated with a full-time career.

Opportunity for self-analysis

Accomplishing something every day allows you to discover more about yourself. Therefore, working in a new and professional environment will make it easier for you to learn about your goals and ambitions. It is only possible if you have opted for an internship before starting your career. Sometimes it can happen that you have already decided on the career you want, but then, when you get there, your expectations are not met.

Simultaneously, an internship allows you to decide on the right career choice according to your skills and interests.

Grow your professional network

Networking has earned a bad reputation. Sometimes, people misinterpret it as an opportunistic practice that lacks realism. At the same time, others have opposing views, as unimportant small talk and imaginative solicitation of favors. The rest believe it is an exchange of information with strangers. Well, an internship gives you a platform to build your first professional network.

Once an intern enters the internship, he or she is surrounded by experienced people. During their internship, interns can build their network and mingle with others in the same domain.

Networking is a crucial step in the career world. Someday your networks may bring you good fortune in your career. Therefore, maintaining healthy, professional relationships can be fruitful.


In today’s scenario, getting a job as a freshman is challenging. But if you have completed your internship, it gives your career a boost. The company has invested in you, so you can get a permanent job after the internship if you are qualified.


Feedback is essential for improvement. Therefore, receiving feedback from your mentors helps you improve your performance. However, theories taught in the classroom are different from applying them to real-life situations. Always take productive criticism and learn from it to improve your skills for your future projects. Another important thing is the willingness to learn and take ownership of mistakes. An internship gives you all the experience that will prepare you for the industry. Working gives you an edge over people who have not participated in an internship opportunity.

The Impact

Completing an internship can have a noticeable impact on your future career. Internships can be unpaid or paid internships offered by many companies. After the pandemic, the new normal for internships emerged in the marketplace, i.e., online internships. Companies started offering online internships with stipends or free online internship programs for students. At first, it was quite challenging for both the company and the students. Later it was accepted due to roadblocks. According to India Skills Report, 2019 revealed that internship is not the sole determinant of employability, but it is a critical factor.

In addition, the report focused on the importance of being able to unlearn some things and then relearn them. Keeping up to date on the latest developments in the preferred field is vital.

The road ahead

Now the importance of internships is not only for students but also for employers. Employers today are looking for candidates with previous experience in the field. Internships allow companies to invest in their future success and locate new talent and future leaders. It gives more weight to the resume and distinguishes it from the applicant pool. Interns can discuss their contribution to the project, giving a clear idea to the employer that they are responsible and dedicated.

Hiring interns includes providing employees with a fresh perspective on organizational problems. Interns accompany new ideas for business, along with valuable input on the latest scenarios. Internships have prepared the candidate for the industry by learning new skills and tools to enhance the growth of the company. It is also an excellent way to discover new talent and fill vacant positions. However, not all interns will become employees.

As a result, companies are looking for people who have proven to be hard workers. They want people who follow instructions and don’t mind pushing boundaries. Also, someone who can help them run the company smoothly. Therefore, companies should focus on getting motivated interns who are eager to learn.

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