Use these measures to communicate positive energy at home, you will succeed in every job

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Vaastu Shaastra: If there is negative energy in the house, then the desire for peace and happiness is worth it. Many times we ignore things due to lack of information, which negatively affects our positive energy. Today, if we tell you about such things, let’s get started.

sun sign

If there is a trace of sun anywhere in your home, it will save you from negative energy. Every time you look at that mark, it will fill your body with positive energy.
The sun sign can also be in the form of a photograph or statue. Applying it to the front door of the house results in inauspicious results. Because the sun is considered a factor of energy and soul. It also eliminates the effect of Vastu defects. By putting an image of the rising sun in the living room, there is peace in married life.

Swastik brand
The swastika mark is considered very sacred. Vastu defects are removed by applying them at home. If someone constantly suffers from a disease in the house, then definitely install this brand in the house. By staying in this brand, family members get relief from mental stress, thinking is positive. Children’s minds are spent on studies. Since this brand is related to Vighnaharta, that is, Ganesh Ji, it is also liberating from many kinds of obstacles.

Coconut tree
Being in a coconut tree house eliminates problems on the job. Respect for honor also increases. Coconut is considered very pure. When planted at home, it should be well cared for. Purity must be cared for. Bring happiness and prosperity.

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Shami plant
To avoid the unfavorable of Saturn, this plant should be planted in the house. By worshiping this plant, Saturn’s wrath is removed. It should be installed on the left side of the front door of the house. When the half and half and the moon dhaniya arrive, a mustard oil lamp should be lit near this plant, taking away all the trouble.

Ashoka tree
Ashoka means not to cry. There is no mourning in the house where there is an Ashoka tree in or around. Happiness is experienced by having this tree. Its leaves are used in havan and rituals, as well as in mangalik functions.

Planting a basil plant
The Tulsi plant is considered a sacred plant. Tulsi is rich in medicinal properties. Because of this, many types of diseases are protected. This plant should always be green. Its drying is not considered auspicious.

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