The government ordered to return the full salary to the workers

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The central government has withdrawn the old directive of paying full wages to workers during the crown’s closure. According to the PTI news agency, the Union’s interior secretary, Ajay Bhalla, in the guidelines issued on March 29, a few days after the first phase of the closure took effect, had asked all companies and other employers that will complete the month, even if the establishment is closed. Upon receipt of payment, all workers must receive the full salary without any deduction.

Please note that for the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic, the blockade is in force from March 25. Now it has been increased to three times. The fourth phase of the blockade began on May 18. Bhalla issued new guidelines on May 17 regarding the fourth phase of the blockade.

It states: “As long as no other provision has been made in the Appendix issued under this order, the order issued by the National Executive Committee under Section 10 (2) (1) of the Disaster Management Act 2005, May 18, 2020. It should not be implemented.

The new guidelines mention six types of standard operating protocols. Most of them are related to the movement of people. This does not include the order issued by the Minister of the Interior on March 29. In that order, all employers were instructed to pay workers wages on the due date without any deduction, even if their unit was closed during the closing period.

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