The mesmerizing voice of singer Karandeep Singh helps him conquer the limelight

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Almost everyone aspires to make a name for themselves. However, only a few of them have the enthusiasm to work hard to achieve the desired life. No doubt they face many obstacles along the way, but their passion keeps motivating them to work with dedication towards their goals. One such person whose constant determination has helped him build his legacy in the music industry is singer Karandeep Singh. The musician is also known as Musical KD and has been in the industry for almost three years now. With his magical mixes, Karandeep Singh has produced numerous songs and has created a benchmark in the music industry.

Since childhood, music has been his inspiration to look beyond and bring something that no one has ever presented before. In his initial stage, what motivated the singer to stand out from the crowd were his outstanding performances at his school and in front of his friends and family. Getting recognition from everyone boosted his morale and pushed him out of his comfort zone. In the early days of his career, Karandeep Singh started singing songs in English with a Punjabi blend. By composing, writing, and singing his own songs, he not only wins people’s hearts but also sets a benchmark for aspiring musicians. Today he is not only a Punjabi pop singer but also a lyricist and music composer.

He released his first single, ‘Kudi Hollywood Wargi’, which got a lot of airplay and was loved by thousands of people. This instilled a sense of confidence in him and inspired him to explore more innovative experiences. Some of his famous and popular singles are Front Seat Crush, Kudi Hollywood Wargi, and Haan Kari Na. From a very young age, Karandeep Singh used to get mesmerized by live music shows. He used to witness how the crowd would go crazy for his performances and stand still whenever an obstacle came his way.

The singer realized his dream when the ‘Delhi Government gave him an opportunity to perform in front of nearly 6000 people at Connaught Place, New Delhi. From performing in front of friends and family to performing live in front of 6000 new people, Karandeep has definitely come a long way. In the near future, he wishes to get even more shows. He also wishes to collaborate with artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Karan Aujla, Guru Randhawa, Sonam Bajwa, Vee Music, Raj Ranjodh, Shehnaz Gill, and many more.

Talking about his musical journey and experience, Karandeep Singh shares, “Honestly, my journey has been a roller coaster ride. There were some bad days, but in the end, they turned out to be great learning lessons. The industry definitely seems glamorous, but it has been filled with various people who are always willing to take you to the level where nothing seems to be right, but at the same time, the most important thing is how you take charge of your destiny and keep working hard to build a legacy. on your own. I try to do everything on my own, from writing lyrics to composing them.” He further added, “New content ideas always pop into my head when I’m in a happy mood, and I prefer to write or record a snippet on my phone.”

In addition to sharing some words of wisdom with all aspiring artists, he said, “One thing I would like to share with all budding artists is to do your own thing and never give up. It is a privilege to easily showcase your talent to the world through social media platforms in today’s era, and I guess everyone should optimize this opportunity. All you have to do is start somewhere and eventually things will fall into place. Also, remember to be original and create your unique style, this will surely make you reach great heights and ultimately make you feel good about yourself.”

Karandeep Singh’s perseverance and dedication have made him an inspiration to many. His music has created a special place in the hearts of his audience. He aims to continue making new music for his audience and also wants to collaborate with various national and international artists. Currently, he is all set to be back in the limelight by releasing his upcoming projects involving Dhamaal Kudiye, Chankaar, and Surma.


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