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The Mysteries opt for the self-imposed Sunday curfew; Stay at home

Mysore / Mysuru: A week before “Unlock India 1.0”, where houses of worship, shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants can open from June 8, Mysureans went for a self-tax Sunday curfew (May 31) and stayed inside.

Although the State Government yesterday declared that there will be no curfew on Sunday, May 31 and that it will be a normal day of relaxation, the city of Mysuru looked deserted. Although all the salons, shops, markets, commercial establishments in the Central Business District were open, there were hardly any buyers. There was not even the Sunday ritual of cutting hair with most salons and salons waiting for clients.

Although many shops pulled down their blinds at noon since there were no people, the most affected were cars and taxis. And even the KSRTC. Car drivers expected a decent business today, but were disappointed to see empty streets. Except for a handful of drivers and drivers at the KSRTC suburban bus station, there were no passengers.

The KSRTC Rural Division had arranged four or five buses to Chamarajanagar and Madikeri today, but services had to be canceled. The same scene was also witnessed at the City Bus Stand, where a couple of bus drivers were seen waiting for nonexistent passengers. Some buses went to some areas of the city in the morning, but the trips were later canceled.

The shopping malls will open from June 8.

Meanwhile, revealing details of the first of a three-phase plan aimed at lifting strict restrictions, the Union Interior Ministry said yesterday that houses of worship, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants can open from June 8. Called Unlock 1.0, the plan also removes restrictions on the interstate and intrastate travel.

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“All the activities that were previously prohibited will be opened in areas outside the Containment Zones gradually, with the stipulation of the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which will be prescribed by the Ministry of Health,” said a government statement.

Although the new guidelines will take effect starting Monday, places of worship (large religious gatherings are not yet allowed), shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants (but not bars) will resume operations starting June 8.

The decision on schools and colleges in July

In the second phase, the Government plans to reopen all educational institutions, including schools and colleges, after holding talks with the States and the Territories of the Union (UT), which can hold talks with parents and other interested parties. A decision is likely to be made in July.

International air travel, subway rail services, movie theaters, gyms, swimming pools, bars, amusement parks, and auditoriums will remain closed and open only in the third phase. Large gatherings, which include social, political, religious, and sporting events, are also banned for now.

Night curfew between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

In another significant step, the Union Government has relaxed the night curfew that prohibits non-essential travel. The prohibition of such movement will be between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Previously, it was between 7 pm and 7 am.

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