Sensitive Skin: How to Avoid Skin Irritation from Sunscreen

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Most people understand how important it is to use sunscreen, but they don’t know why. The function of sunscreen is to protect your body from harmful UV radiation. Unfortunately, even on cloudy days, skin is still susceptible to UV rays that can easily cause cancer, hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkling, and discoloration over time. Using optimal sunscreen products will help reduce these risks caused by UV rays.

Why is sunscreen important?

Sunscreen is vital in many ways. It is not a fancy skincare product; instead, it is a crucial product for everyone to have, especially if you spend most of your time outdoors and during the summer.

Reduces the risk of sunburn

Spending several hours exposed to the sun can lead to sunburn if sunscreen is not applied. In addition, sunburn can pave the way for other unpleasant skin problems, such as premature wrinkles or skin cancer. For this reason, it is always safe to apply sunscreen. However, if you have severe sunburn with blistering, it is best to seek a dermatologist immediately.

Improving Melasma

Melasma is a common skin disorder in which the skin develops brown spots. It may be due to prolonged sun exposure or genetics. Although not risky, this condition can be treated with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Since melasma is worsened by ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared heat, tinted sunscreens are ideal as these colored filters extend sun protection. Sunscreens like Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ by Lotus Herbals are tinted, broad-spectrum, and packed with natural soothing ingredients, making them perfect for treating melasma.

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Melasma is a fairly common skin condition that creates the appearance of brown to grayish-brown patches of skin, usually on the face….. Video Credit: US Dermatology Partners
Reduce the risk of skin cancer

The Canadian Dermatology Association and the American Academy of Dermatology recommend using sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is crucial to use it even on a cloudy day when the sun is not shining directly on your head. Since UV rays are present even on those days, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 every day is the best way to reduce your risk of skin cancer. For maximum protection, reapply every two hours.

Causes of Skin Irritation in Summers

While summer is the best time to let bare skin out and enjoy sunbathing and sandy beaches, it can also be hard on the skin. People with sensitive skin tend to get skin irritations at the slightest provocation, touching a leaf or a sting. But what causes skin irritation in summer?

During the summer, temperatures are a bit extreme, which can have several problems for the skin, especially for sensitive skin. Sun exposure can cause skin rashes or inflammation. This condition is known as polymorphic light eruptions. The heat causes a large amount of sweating, leading to prickly heat, a common summer rash that causes itchy red welts when the sweat glands are blocked.

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Are we doing certain things with our skincare behavior that are promoting a problem in the way our skin functions? Video credit: Dr. Sam Bunting
How to choose sunscreen for sensitive skin
Sensitive skin is demanding as it needs a lot of care and attention. The scorching temperature can trigger it and cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, to choose the best sunscreen in India for sensitive skin, keep the following points in mind:

Choose a sunscreen made with natural ingredients.

There are sunscreens specially formulated for sensitive skin, whether dry or acne-prone. However, it would be better to opt for a non-greasy sunscreen with a light formulation. This will cause it to seep into the skin immediately and remain for long hours.

You can also choose a sunscreen with oil-based content to keep the skin moisturized but without leaving it too oily. Sunscreens with natural ingredients like vanilla and Horse Chestnut are perfect for avoiding irritation. Try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++. Natural ingredients prevent skin from tanning and regulate pigmentation. Forms a layer on the skin to protect against environmental aggressors and protect against free radical damage. It provides broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVB and UVA rays. Plus, this sunscreen is lightweight, non-sticky, and won’t leave a white cast. Fortunately, since this sunscreen has all-natural ingredients, it is safe for all skin types.

Sun protection factor is important

The sun protection factor (SPF) is essential for any sunscreen. The number you see next to the SPF is the level of protection the sunscreen gives you from the sun. A lower SPF such as 15 means the sunscreen filters out about 93% of UVB rays; sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 50 protects about 98%. According to the FDA, any sunscreen with SPF 15 or lower must state on its label that it only protects against sunburn and not against premature aging or skin cancer.

Do a patch test

The best way to know if sunscreen is right for your skin is to do a patch test. First, take a small amount of sunscreen and apply it to your skin; it can be your forearm or the backs of your palms. Leave it on for about 48 hours and, throughout, pay attention to any reactions.

Avoid those with harmful chemicals.

While trying to find the perfect sunscreen in India for your sensitive skin, try to avoid those with harmful ingredients. How do you know which ingredients are harmful? You can visit FDA websites; they usually have a list of banned cosmetic chemicals. Some of these harmful chemicals include oxybenzone, octinoxate, which causes skin allergies, and avobenzone, which causes high rates of irritation. It is best to opt for a natural sunscreen and avoid all these risks.

Choosing the right sunscreen for sensitive skin may seem complicated, especially now that there are tons of products on the market. However, the tips discussed should help make the job easier. With the right information, you can now have the confidence to opt for a sunscreen that will take care of your skin and protect it from adverse environmental effects.


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