Sedona’s 6 Best Jeep Tours

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Take a fun ride through Sedona’s natural beauty in a rugged SUV.

Note: some tour providers on this list may be running more limited operations due to COVID-19 or may impose testing or vaccination requirements. Check with your tour operator for availability before booking.

With iconic rock formations, expansive national forest lands, and many recreational activities, Sedona, Arizona, is a popular tourist spot for outdoor enthusiasts. With so many attractions to explore, many visitors opt to book one of the region’s famous jeep tours. Taking into account both traveler sentiment and expert opinions, U.S. News selected six of the best jeep tours in Sedona. Embark on an off-road adventure to see Sedona’s famous red rocks like never before.

Be aware that these jeep tours feature plenty of bumps and jolts. If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to find another Sedona tour that is easier on your body. Also, many companies will not allow infants or pregnant people on the tours.

Western Jeep Day Trips – Diamondback Gulch Jeep Tour

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled excursion, this Diamondback Gulch jeep tour may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll spend two hours climbing quickly through the desert and rugged trails to get up close and personal with rock formations like Capitol Butte and Chimney Rock. Eventually, you’ll traverse Diamondback Gulch and come out the other side. Tourists rave about the quality of the drivers and guides and the epic views on this tour. They also say the ride lives up to its description: it’s very hilly. Tickets for Diamondback Gulch start at around $130 for a private tour for two people. There are multiple tour departures every day. A Day in the West also offers jeep tours of the Mogollon Rim and a gentler jeep tour that traverses only paved roads. The company also operates horseback rides.

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Pink Adventure Tours – Broken Arrow

Expert guides lead this rugged off-road adventure that features twists and turns through the Coconino National Forest and Sedona’s most famous red rock formations. It also includes time for two stops, allowing travelers to get out of the vehicle and explore. In addition, Pink Adventure Tours (also known as Pink Jeep Tours Sedona) is the only provider authorized by the U.S. Forest Service to use this trail. Travelers enjoy the approximately two-hour ride, rate it as amazing, and rave about the friendly guides and incredible views. Prices start at $132 for adults and $119 for children ages 2-12. Tours are generally available every day several times a day; departures vary by season. Note that Pink Adventure Tours offers several other sightseeing tours, including trips to Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Jeep Safari – Vortex Experience

This jeep tour takes you through the famous Sedona Vortexes, or areas within the Sedona Desert that supposedly emit intensified spiritual and metaphysical energy. You’ll have to walk a bit on this 2 1/2 hour tour, but you’ll spend most of the trip exploring in a Jeep (on pavement) as you traverse unique landscapes and mountains in search of the mystery and wondrous vortexes. supposedly create. The tours, which are available several times a day, cost approximately $110 for adults and $90 for children ages 5 to 12. Visitors encourage other travelers to take this trip because of the breathtaking views. Looking for something less mystical? Try the company’s Wildlife, Seven Canyons, or Outback Trail tours.

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Red Rock Jeep Tours – Canyons and Cowboys

Enjoy incredible canyon views as you hike up Dry Creek Basin. In total, you’ll spend two hours observing wildlife, rock formations, and old-growth forests in your Jeep with an expert guide. Reviewers routinely call this tour a wilderness trip and say the guides make the experience educational and fun. Others complain that the seats can get cramped if you’re tall. Tickets cost about $130 per person for a private tour for two. Rides leave several times a day. This company also offers other jeep tours throughout Sedona, including a 90-minute tour that goes through Soldier

Pink Adventure Tours – Red Rock Mountain Range

Don’t like rugged trails? No problem. Pink Adventure Tours classifies this tour as “smooth,” which means you’ll encounter fewer bumps as you navigate dirt roads. During the two-hour tour, guides regale travelers with stories about the area’s history, flora, and fauna. And, as the tour’s name implies, visitors will see Sedona’s beautiful red rock formations throughout the trip. Reviewers say a Pink Jeep Tour is a must-do when in Sedona and an “amazing” experience. They also say the guides are great. Tours depart several times a day (exact times may vary by month). Tickets start at $79 for adults and $71 for children ages 2-12; infants under 2 cannot join the tour. The company also organizes city tours and numerous outdoor adventures.

Arizona Jeep Safari Tours: The Outlaw Trail

Tourists regularly praise the Outlaw Trail tour because of its incredible scenery and expert guides. Reviewers also say they learn quite a bit. On this three-hour tour, guides take you on this desert trail to see ranches, wildflowers, red rocks, and wildlife. Plus, the ride isn’t too rough. Tours depart several times a day. Tickets cost about $110 for ages 13 and older, while children under 12 can ride for about $90. Arizona Safari Jeep Tours runs many other tours, including an archaeology-focused hike.

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