Rahul Gandhi posts Ladakhi ‘s video alleging that China has taken our land

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Earlier this morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Leh and visited a forward location where he interacted with ITBP officials and the Indian Army.

Hours after the visit, head of Congress Rahul Gandhi posted a video on Twitter stating it contains testimonials from Ladakh citizens alleging that China has occupied Indian territory.

Gandhi tweeted, “The Ladakhis say: China has taken our land. PM says: No one took the land from us. Of course, somebody’s lying.

Meanwhile, during his speech in Ladakh on Friday, Congress leader P Chidambaram questioned why the prime minister had once again failed to name China.

It should be noted that the Indian government has confirmed that Indian soldiers have driven Chinese soldiers back from their unauthorized positions along the LAC, and there is no Chinese incursion inside the LAC at present.

When Gandhi posted the video, he jibbed at the PM saying that someone must lie about the border location.

Chidambaram hurls at Modi

Meanwhile, on Friday, former Finance Minister & Congress leader, P Chidambaram said Modi once again avoided discussing China during his Ladakh speech. “PM did not name China as the aggressor for the third time in a week. Why?” And he tweeted. “What is the meaning of talking to the people of India and the Jawans in Ladakh about an unidentified ‘enemy’? Chidambaram added that the government had not responded to questions from Congress about satellite imagery showing Chinese troops. who occupied Indian territory.

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Chidambaram also wondered if Modi had called China the intruder in his interactions with US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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