One woman shares a compression packing trick that helped fit nine days’ worth of clothes in carry-on luggage

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If you’re someone who always overpacks when you travel, then one woman might have a tip for you, as she shared how to fit nine days’ worth of clothes in her carry-on bag.

After a couple of unusual summers in recent years, we are ready to fly on a plane to sunnier climes.

However, we are not looking forward to the stress of packing, and the cost of carrying checked luggage, as with everything else in life, the price of this seems to be increasing.

Most airlines, especially low-cost carriers, will only allow you to take one piece of carry-on luggage on the plane free of charge. This must fit under the seat in front of you, and if not, you could face additional charges, which no one wants.

Fortunately, there are several people who have shared clever packing tricks on social media that could help reduce baggage costs.

A TikTok user named @sideofsequins recently suggested using compression bags to save a lot of space, because it will make your clothes smaller than ever.

In a video, he showed how he managed to pack clothes for nine days in his carry-on, and here we are struggling to pack nine days in our 24 kg allowance. But, hopefully, it will all change now.

All you need to do is put your clothes in the bag, squeeze out the excess air and start packing! No pump is needed, which makes your life much easier when trying to repack on the other side.

You could make a similar impact with vacuum bags and, bam, you may have saved around £150 in hand luggage fees.

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If saving money is your thing, you could also try stuffing a travel pillow with underwear, swimsuits, and smaller items.

Make sure you get a pillow with a zipper so you can easily stuff your stuff in, or be cheeky and use an actual pillow.

Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them, can also give you a surprising amount of extra space. And your clothes will be much less wrinkled than if you fold them, so you definitely won’t need to borrow an iron from the hotel front desk.

However, if you don’t want to be that crafty, perhaps a packing cube might be what you’re looking for.

Packing cubes are not only great for organizing your suitcase, but they’re also key to saving space by compressing your clothes.

Another TikTok user named @Scorpionbabygirl has shown how she managed to compress eight months’ worth of clothes into one!

To downsize something, you can also use garbage bags and vacuum cleaners – however, you’ll obviously need to get a vacuum to repack on the other side!

For this quick and easy tip, all you need to do is place oversized items in a garbage bag and wrap the bag around the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum will remove all the air, reducing the size by up to four times. This can be the difference between simply carrying carry-on luggage or having to pay for a checked bag.


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