Microsoft developers removed malicious extensions from Edge browser

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Microsoft had reached the news about its Edge browser plug-in in December last year in hopes of achieving a substantial amount of customer deployment. However, despite what the company promised, only 160 extensions were activated. Little by little since its inception, the number of extensions has increased and the numbers have not decreased.

The numbers continued to grow, and by the time we hit March, the number of extensions has exceeded 1,000. However, not all extensions were completely clean and not all had good intentions. As a result, some of the extensions that made it to Microsoft’s Edge browser were corrupt and malicious.

Presumably, many of the malicious extensions had been there since the Edge plugin was activated. Additionally, the developers of the much-appreciated dark mode extension, Dark Reader, published a blog post that contained the details of how malicious extensions are damaging user computers.

The blog post also repeatedly asked Edge browser users to pay close attention to malicious extensions that use the name of the official Edge plugin extensions. Later, the developers also contacted Microsoft’s own company and informed them of this malicious extension.

They also provided the folks at Microsoft with the details on how to quickly parse the code and remove the extension. Microsoft was quick to accept that advice, and now the company has successfully removed malicious extensions on May 15, 2020.

The developers also talked about how other browsers like Chrome and Firefox had also experienced the attack of malicious extensions. They went on to remind everyone that while the browsers in question have successfully removed almost all malicious extensions, users should also take a close look at the extension they are currently using.

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