Mahesh is going to deliver a strong message

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Announcement of Mahesh’s new movie today. Mahesh has released his new movie title poster on his father Krishna’s superstar birthday. For his new movie, Sarkar has added his song title, a different title. Not just the title … The look is also different. Mahesh is shown in the side profile.

On the other hand, the government has been actively discussing the song’s title on social media. Many have debated whether this is a serious movie based on the title. Mahesh, however, did not put much suspense. He immediately mentioned his movie Janner. Mahesh chatted with fans at night. He claims to be the subject that he has not yet touched on.

On the other hand, Mahesh also reacted to the film’s release date. You can’t say when your movie will be released. Once the situation is ready, the film will have an idea about the release date.

The previous article has not criticized the government … I will sue them – Rao Ramesh



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