Guess the mystery location of the travel photo and you could win a prize: how to enter

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Mirror Travel’s mystery picture contest returns in June, but do you recognize the location? Guess correctly and you could win a prize

Mirror Travel’s mystery image contest for June has been revealed – can you guess where we are?

Each month, we publish a picture; all you need to do is figure out where it is and you could win three great DK Travel Guide picture books. To help you out, we’ll reveal clues here, so be sure to check back and follow @MirrorTravel and @TravelEdNigel on Twitter for updates!

This month’s image (located at the top of the article) shows a tropical island with a capital city that has eight blue horse sculptures. They mark the day in the 18th century when dozens were tricked into jumping off an anchored ship and swimming to the island, starting the local horse trade and boosting the economy.

The question for June: name the island.

TRACK 1: Who says this capital city has an orange stadium?

THE PRIZE: The first correct answer chosen at random will win three beautifully illustrated DK Travel guides to countries or cities of their choice, each worth £19.99. For a full list of titles, visit

HOW TO ENTER: When you think you’ve guessed our mystery location, simply complete the form below with your answer and details.

NB: if you are viewing this page on the Mirror app, you will need to enter via the desktop or mobile websites.

LAST MONTH’S ANSWER: Our May photo (below) was the 548-foot-long Queen Emma Bridge pontoon bridge in Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean.

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Correct answer: Curaçao


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