Diplomat, military talks about resolving border dispute with China, says Amit Shah

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New Delhi: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said Sunday that diplomatic and military dialogues with China are being held on the current borderline and that he was hopeful that the problem would be resolved.

Furthermore, in an obvious warning to Pakistan, Shah said that India will not tolerate any violation of its borders and that appropriate responses will be given to such movements.

“Dialogues at the diplomatic and military levels are currently underway and I think the problem will be resolved,” he told a television channel in an interview.

Shah was answering a question about the ongoing border dispute with China in Ladakh and some other areas, and the circulation of videos and images of clashes between Indian Army personnel and China’s PLA.

The Interior Minister said that the government of Narendra Modi would not allow any dilution of its international borders and would take all measures to protect the country’s sovereignty. “No one should have any doubts about it.”

When asked about Pakistan’s repeated attempts to break the border, Shah said that India has never adopted an expansionist policy, but at the same time would not tolerate any violation of its borders.

“If someone tries to do that, we will give them a suitable answer. It is our duty and responsibility, ”he said.

Referring to the ongoing battle against COVID-19, the interior minister said the Modi government has been successful in fighting the outbreak.

“It is not known when the vaccine and medicine will come. How long will people stay in their homes? I can say that the battle of India and Narendra Modi against COVID has been successful so far, “he said.

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Shah said that the whole country is fighting together as one with one mind and therefore the fight against the coronavirus has been successful.

“With regards to Unlock-1 (as of Monday), states, districts, panchayats, ASHA workers are ready. An army is ready to fight COVID, “he said.

The interior minister said the central government, the prime minister and himself were sad that some migrant workers had to go home on foot, despite arrangements for their transportation.

“This has happened may be due to a lack of communication or lack of awareness. But I want to say that around 4,000 “special Shramik” trains were operated by the railroads in which more than 50 lakh people have traveled to reach their respective homes. Another 40 lakh people used buses to reach their destinations.

“I want to congratulate the Railways, which despite not having the route drivers, managed to run so many Shramik trains,” he said.

When asked about the criticism of the West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, to central government policies, Shah said that whether it was fighting the coronavirus or fighting the cyclone, things were not going well. Been to West Bengal.

“One thing is certain that in the coming days, the BJP will form the government in West Bengal. The people of Bengal are looking for a change, “he said.



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