Defeated parties are trying to control politics through the courts – Union Minister of Justice

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Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has made strong comments against the opposition. Political parties that have repeatedly lost the election have now commented that it is inappropriate to see the country’s politics controlled by the courts. The opposition commented that politics cannot be judged by the courts. The Union Minister made these comments on the electronic agenda.

Ravishankar defended comments made by Attorney General Tushar Mehta, who said those who went to the Supreme Court in the migrant workers case had done everything possible to improve conditions in the field.

Those who once rubbed the emergency in the country are now criticized. Ravishankar Prasad Ghatu said he was committed to the independence of the judiciary … but at the same time he wanted to be serious … that parties that repeatedly lose in elections should not try to control national politics through the courts.

The comments of the Union Minister of Justice have been discussed amid the ongoing debate about some political parties in the country that repeatedly ask the courts to create problems for the government.


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