After a few years of marriage, Aishwarya had to shorten mangalsutra

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The beauty of Bollywood actresses and Sundari World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is convincing everyone. It is a matter of fact that it is a matter of fact. So Aishwarya has more than one jewelry collection. But the most beloved acts are mangalsutra. It becomes part of her identity after marriage. But these days the design of Aishwarya mangalsutra has changed significantly.

Mangalsutra of gold and diamond

Abhishek and Aishwarya were tied in marriage on April 19, 2007. After the ceremony of interior in marriage, Abhishek Bachchan wore mangalsutra of gold and diamonds. However, the first glimpse of this mangalsutra from Aishwarya was seen when he arrived in Tirupati Balaji puja with the whole family after the wedding. Its chain of mangalsutra was long and two layers.

Mangalsutra changed because of Aaradhya

But now Aishwarya mangalsutra is touching her cleavage. In addition, the mangalsutra chain has become light. According to one article, after the birth of daughter Arya, Aishwarya changed the long double-layer mangalsutra into a chain of layers. However, he kept the solitaire diamond pendant the same way.

Aishwarya has stopped wearing heavy jewelry since the birth of arādhya. This is because arādhya most of the time like to go with her. Not a problem, so Aishwarya shortened his cord mangalsutra.

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