A rare black tiger was caught on camera in Similipal

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It’s a rare sighting. A black tiger was caught on camera marking its territory in Odisha’s Similipal Tiger Reserve.

The black tiger was seen in the 16-second video walking towards a tree, fully stretching out with its front paws and clawing at the bark. It then slowly walks out of the frame.

The video was tweeted by IFS officer Susanta Nanda, saying, “Tigers are a symbol of the sustainability of India’s forests…. Sharing an interesting clip of a rare melanistic tiger marking its territory.

Black Tiger
Black Panther is completely black. If that tiger like a leopard is in the dark… nothing can be seen except its eyes. This black tiger is not completely black. His stripes are bright orange (black fur and orange stripes). His scenes were captured by a camera set up in the Similipal Tiger Reserve in Odisha. The stripes of this tiger are unique and attractive. Therefore, it is said to be extremely rare. More than 47 thousand people have already watched this video… More than 3 thousand people have liked it.

black tiger caught on camera
(image credit – twitter – susantananda3)

Netizens’ reaction
This tiger video was liked by netizens. Interesting comments are being given about it. One user commented, “How beautiful.” Another user commented: “Beautiful. A very healthy black tiger. Maybe no one knows about it.” Another user commented, “I pray that this beautiful tiger…is safe from poachers and healthy.” Another user replied, “This is an amazing collection.” “Fantastic. Probably see the first melanistic tiger in India,” another user responded.

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(image credit – twitter – susantananda3)


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