90’s Fashion Makes An Insta Comeback With Rachel Green And Cher Horowitz’s #OOTD Outfits

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very 90’s kid is well aware of Rachel Green from Friends and Cher Horowitz from Clueless – two fashionistas that still inspires the #OOTD fashion.

While we see a lot of 90s outfit inspiration on social media. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if social media platforms existed back then? We bet they’d give any fashion influencer a run for their money even today!

Also, Cher and Rachel would have been our favorite fashion influencers. We cannot stop imagining how to style collaboration could’ve even turned them into the inspiring BFFs the fashion world has always wanted!

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While the 2020 fashion forecasts said 90’s style will be back there can’t be an any better way than to look at these two. From a loose sweater to short skirts and comfortable shoes – Rachel and Cher inspired millions of teenagers across the globe.

Daddy’s little girls

As seen in their respective screen presence, the two gals were highly pampered by their dads. But at the same time needed someone to vent it all out on when dear daddy got on their nerves. Clearly, this pair would’ve been a hit; from shopping sprees and rant sessions- they could pull off anything together!

They defined the 90s fashion

The plaid skirts, plain sweaters, and statement shoes with the cutest pair of socks- that’s Cher and Rachel. These two had a similar fashion sense and could have rocked Instagram with their #ootd if they had access to Instagram.

Futuristic Style

Friends and Clueless- both have successfully completed 25 years but we still look back at Rachel and Cher’s style game for style. Together they could have been on the cover page of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar with the title “Stylish Best Friends Hit A Million Followers On Their Fashion Blog”

Making chic style look effortless

The anesthetic sense that made every head turn around! Now that’s what both of the style icons of the did in their respective screen spaces. The crop tops, mini-skirts, short dresses, and overalls worn by them are every girl’s desire. Teens swooned over their Parisian style and it still is lit on Instagram and Twitter!

Hearts with more worth than their wardrobe

It’s true that both the daddy’s princesses had timeless fashion pieces in their wardrobe. But we also know that both had a heart of gold which held a higher worth than their costly wardrobe. This pair of best friends could have won hearts not just because of their style but also their kindness.

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Believed in true love and found it

Rachel and Cher might be drama queens but like any other girl, they hoped to meet their prince charming real soon! The climax in both Friends and Clueless showed that these two beautiful girls finally reconcile with their lovers, Ross and Josh. Both of them clearly had a roller coaster ride relationship with most loving men.

Now that calls for a double date, eh?

Well, it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t possible back then! But how about a Rachel X Cher 90’s Fashion collab now? That’ll be a real treat to the world of fashion.

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