10 exceptional films in foreign languages ​​that you must see

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The easiest and easiest way to delve into another culture is to watch movies that are rich in heritage from the specific culture you want to explore. Foreign language films give us a deep and basic insight into how societies work and people interact with each other. There is always something that takes away from a good movie.
Here is a list of ten films you must see in foreign languages ​​that you must see to truly understand the societies and contemporary backgrounds of the places and cultures in which they are found.

10 films in foreign languages ​​that you must see:

# 1 The seven samurai

This Japanese movie obviously had great narrative and elements. But only a few know that The Seven Samurai set the tone for Hollywood war, heist, and caper movies. The plot revolves around seven samurais hired by villagers to fight bandits who come to steal crops after the harvest season. Since then different versions of this film have been made and the film introduced the concept of “action” in the movies as a result of which there was a magnanimous increase in action heroes.

# 2 Incendies

A Canadian war thriller, the film is based on events that occurred during the Lebanese Civil War. The story shows Canadian twins visiting their mother’s homeland in the Middle East, discovering and rebuilding their past in the midst of war. The film is essentially a family drama at its core that is intense and has an emotional impact on its audience. One of the main characteristics of the film is that, although the story takes place in the middle of the civil war, very little violence is shown on the screen. The subtlety of making the audience aware of the heartbreaking off-screen war scenes is sure to haunt viewers long after the credits arrive.

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# 3 Separation

This Iranian movie, with its nuanced plot, is a story of right and wrong decisions and everything in between. This is a middle-class Iranian couple who decide to separate due to the dilemma of moving abroad for better opportunities instead of falling behind and defending the husband’s sick father. The narrative has many elements full of emotional bumps that reveal contemporary Iranian life. Beneath the surface, it is an account of the rise of women and the decline of men’s privileges and the subsequent events that follow.

# 4 side-walls

A romantic comedy movie based on the themes of alienation during the internet age in shoebox apartments, this movie is cleverly made, examining the magnificent architecture in Bueno Aires from the perspective of two strangers in the same city. Although they cross the road a few times, they don’t meet until the end. The separating element plays an important role in bringing them together at the end. The ending is carefully crafted around a clever Where’s Waldo theme that will leave the viewer optimistic.

# 5 Grave of the fireflies

The animated Japanese war film intricately portrays the repercussions of war on society and the effects it has on individuals. It focuses on two young brothers who must trust each other after a US firebomb. USA Separate them from their parents and the village during World War II. war and the tragedies they have to go through.

# 6 children of heaven

This Iranian family drama is about the bond between a brother and a sister and the events that follow after the sister loses a pair of shoes. Like most children, they try to solve their problems without involving their parents, and when they have a problem, they solve it their way by revealing a story of determination, empathy, and compassion. With all the humor and thoughtful plot, this modest production proved that not all Iranian films have sad endings. The finale will leave the viewer satisfied and content in all its intensity.

# 7 city of God

The Brazilian film highlights how crimes influence people living in communities in Rio de Janeiro. The story is about two children, whose paths intersect and the emphasis is on the distinction of their ambitions: one fights as a photographer and the other as a boss. It effortlessly depicts gang violence in Brazil during the 1970s. The narration and performances were made as raw and natural as possible with elements of adrenaline that tap into our own impulsiveness.

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# 8 fall

A German war drama set in the background of the Battle of Berlin in World War II, when Nazi Germany is on the brink of defeat, shows Hitler in his last days in his Berlin bunker. The film received a lot of criticism when people pointed out that the film attempted to “humanize” Hitler. It is a compelling and compelling story that discusses a topic that is often overlooked. The collapse of the Third Reich also plays a central theme in the narrative.

# 9 Capernaum

The Lebanese drama film begins on a shocking note, with a 12-year-old Zain who wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him. The narrative is formed in retrospect, from Zain’s life in the slums of Beirut to his encounter with an Ethiopian immigrant and his young son. It highlights a way of life and difficulties that most of us find it difficult to even imagine.

# 10 Wild tales

Wild Tales is a Spanish dark comedy anthology film that consists of six independent shots, united by a common theme of revenge and violence. The plot in general focuses on human rationality and juxtaposes with the fine line between barbarism and civilization. The different elements of the six stories are disguised under the common theme of people who lose self-control and respect. Each story is comical in itself with completely satisfying endings. There is an underlying evil sense of humor that sticks out at every opportunity.


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